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We are a group of researchers from the Medical University of Graz who focus on the human placenta, an organ formed specifically for the purpose of pregnancy. It serves both as a connection and a barrier between the mother and the child, and its proper development and function are essential for a successful pregnancy as well as for the health and well-being of both the mother and the child.

At the same time, with each of us once in the womb, our own placenta grew. Current research suggests that the first thousand days from the start of pregnancy to a child’s second birthday are a window of time during which a healthy foundation for the child’s later life can be established.

Furthermore, pregnancy complications resulting from placental dysfunction can have long-term health consequences for the mother. Therefore, placental research impacts all of us, but especially future generations.

In our research, we investigate pregnancy-associated factors, the physiology, and the function of the placenta in both healthy and at-risk pregnancies. For this purpose, we have developed a series of cell and tissue culture models and use functional tests in combination with innovative molecular analyses to address our research questions.

Healthy Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time of change. The mothers body undergoes tremendous changes, some visible from the outside, some can be imaged by sonography, other important changes and adaptations go unseen…

Cellular Communication

During pregnancy, a special organ is formed: the placenta. Its main purpose is to transport oxygen and nutrients from the mother to the baby and allow excretion of waste products…