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We are a group of researchers of the Medical University of Graz fascinated by how maternal and fetal factors drive pregnancy and placental function.
We analyse pregnancy associated factors and placental physiology in health and disease. Moreover, we have established a panel of cell and tissue culture methodology and functional assays which we combine with molecular cutting edge analyses to address our research questions in vitro.

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FWF; Evelyn Jantscher-Krenn

in close collaboration with Christine Moissl-Eichinger at the Center for Microbiome Research, Medical University of Graz, and her group.

 Human Milk Oligosaccharides & Microbial Transfer


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Paper out

Sept. 2, 2019

The association of human milk oligosaccharides with glucose metabolism in overweight and obese pregnant women.

Jantscher-Krenn E, Treichler C, Brandl W, Schönbacher L, Köfeler H, van Poppel MNM.

Am J Clin Nutr. 2019 Sep 2. pii: nqz202. doi: 10.1093/ajcn/nqz202. [Epub ahead of print]